PPP Dial up - Windows 95

The following outlines how to use PPP in the camera server with Windows 95.

Windows dial out configuration

The following instructions describe how to configure PPP from a Windows 95 host:

  1. Connect the remote modem to the serial port of the camera server (US Robotics modem recommended).
  2. From the Windows desktop, double-click on the My computer icon and then open Dial-Up networking.
  3. Double click on Make New Connection. From within this dialog, define a <name> that descibes the connection you are creating in the ‘Type name for the computer you are using’ field. Select a local modem from the displayed modem list.
  4. Click on the configure button to enter the modem Properties page. Accept all default settings but ensure that modem speed is compatible with your modem and does not exceed 38,400 bps, which is the maximum serial port speed for the camera server.
  5. Click the Connection tab and then click the Advanced button.
    • AXIS 200: Check the Software (XON/XOFF) radio button.
    • AXIS 200+: Check the Hardware radio button.
    Click OK to return to the ‘Make new connection’ dialog.
  6. Enter the relevant phone number information for the remote modem connected to your camera server. Click Next.
  7. Click Finish. The system then proceeds to build the Driver information database and your connection dialog will then subsequently appear in the Dial Up Networking dialog.

Windows dial out

Follow these steps to dial out to a remote camera server:

  1. Double click on the newly created icon to establish a modem connection for your remote camera server.
  2. Enter your User name and Password an then Click Connect. After a while, the status dialogs "dialing" and "logging onto the network" are presented prior to the display of a Connected to <name> dialog that will confirm a successful connection.
  3. You may now simply access the camera server by entering the Internet address (URL) of your camera into the location field of your browser. Please ensure that you are not using a a proxy server (Netscape: Options menu\Select Network\Proxies)

To install Networking for Windows 95, click here.