Image types and parameters

The camera server takes an image each time a http://<IP Address>/<image type>.jpg call is made. In the following description, the http://<IP address>/ part is omitted.

You can use the predefined snapshot types, or adjust the appearance using the CGI parameters.

Snapshot types

The following snapshot types are available:
Snapshot type Size (pixels) Description


352 288

The standard resolution. Hardware generated in 0.5 seconds.


176 144

Excellent for thumbnails. Hardware generated in 0.3 seconds.


  The last image taken, either as ‘fullsize’ or ‘halfsize’. Primarily intended for software applications for archiving a buffered image. Note: ‘lastshot’ is also updated when the front panel button is pressed (‘fullsize’ format).

704 576

This is the highest resolution available. As opposed to ‘fullsize’ and ‘halfsize’, this type is software generated, which takes about 18 seconds.


352 288 This is a cutout from the center of ‘hugesize’, and takes about 8 seconds to generate. The ‘zoom’ type is equivalent to:
hugesize.jpg?top=144&left=176&width=352&height=288 See also the cropping parameters below.


704 576 This is a ‘hugesize’ in BMP format. Also available in fullsize and zoom.


704 576 This is a ‘hugesize’ in PPM format. Also available is fullsize and zoom.

CGI parameters

You have several possibilities to adjust the size and appearance of your images, ranging from small highly compressed to large high-quality images. As always on the web, the price for size and quality is time!

On the Settings page, you specify the default appearance of your images (compression, rotation, time stamp, etc.). You can override these settings by appending CGI image parameters. Use this syntax:

<image type>.jpg?<parameter>=<value>[&<parameter>=<value>...]

To generate a fullsize snapshot with a time stamp, enter:


These CGI image parameters are available:
Parameter Description
compression Adjusts the image quality and file size.
Values: [ medium | high | low ]
color Selects color or grayscale image.
Values: [ normal | none ]
axislogo Shows/hides the Axis logotype.
Values: [ off | on ]
clock Shows/hides the time stamp.
Values: [ off | on ]
rotation Rotates the image.
Values: [ normal | upsidedown | 90deg | 270deg ]
mirror Mirrors the image horizontally.
Values: [ off | on ]
cropping Crops a ‘hugesize’ image.
Parameters: top, left, width, height
Values: Number of pixels in multiples of 8.