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General information

These pages reside within your AXIS 200+. For the most recent information, visit Axis Communications. (Note: links marked with '' will take you to Axis web site, all other links are functional even if you don't have Internet access.)

Your current software version is 1.42 (Oct 8, 1999).

Now that you can access the home page of your AXIS 200+, you can immediately link it up to your web page. If it is being used on an intranet or a modestly trafficed Internet site, this is all you need to do!
... if you are operating a popular web site, we recommend that the AXIS 200+ is accessed over an assisting web server and not directly. To avoid occasional loss of images in high traffic applications, we suggest that you set up the eyeget script to grab snapshot images from the AXIS 200+, and make them accessible by your web server.

Documentation Quick Installation Guide (latest version),
User's Manual, Trouble shooting
Technical Configuration, Image types and parameters, CRON, Using the AXIS 200+,
Modem operation, I/O functions, PPP, Software Updates and support information
Links AXIS Camera Servers around the world and Product information from Axis Communications

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